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About JAX Jacksonville Airport

JAX Jacksonville International Airport
2400 Yankee Clipper Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32218

Jacksonville International Airport is owned and managed by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. For additional information, refer to the JAX Jacksonville International Airport official website.
  • The airport is located 9 miles North of the central business district of Jacksonville, Florida.
Airport Transfers To-From JAX Jacksonville Airport
to Main Florida Airports

Airport Name To-From Distance Travel Time
MCO Orlando International
JAX-MCO 173 miles 2 Hours, 45 Min.
MIA Miami International
JAX-MIA 369 miles 5 Hours, 36 Min.
FLL Fort Lauderdale-
Hollywood Airport
JAX-FLL 346 miles 5 Hours, 14 Min.
TPA Tampa International
JAX-TPA 215 miles 3 Hours, 36 Min.
RSW Southwest Florida
JAX-RSW 342 miles 5 Hours, 23 Min.
PBI Palm Beach
JAX-PBI 300 miles 4 Hours, 31 Min.
JAX Jacksonville
International Airport
JAX-JAX 0 miles 0 Hours, 0 Min.
SFB Orlando-Sanford
JAX-SFB 145 miles 2 Hours, 19 Min.
PNS Pensacola Regional
JAX-PNS 362 miles 5 Hours, 24 Min.
SRQ Sarasota-Bradenton
JAX-SRQ 262 miles 4 Hours, 17 Min.
TLH Tallahassee Regional
JAX-TLH 183 miles 2 Hours, 46 Min.
EYW Key West International
JAX-EYW 518 miles 8 Hours, 26 Min.
DAB Daytona Beach
JAX-DAB 107 miles 1 Hour, 45 Min.
PIE St. Petersburg-
Clearwater Airport
JAX-PIE 228 miles 3 Hours, 48 Min.
PFN Panama City /
Bay County Airport
JAX-PFN 292 miles 4 Hours, 32 Min.
MLB Melbourne
JAX-MLB 190 miles 2 Hours, 58 Min.
GNV Gainesville Regional
JAX-GNV 78 miles 1 Hour, 28 Min.
APF Naples Municipal
JAX-APF 368 miles 5 Hours, 45 Min.
VPS Okaloosa Regional
JAX-VPS 326 miles 5 Hours, 1 Min.
UST St. Augustine-
St. Johns County Airport
JAX-UST 48 miles 53 Min.
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