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Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc

The Florida airport ground transportation company called Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc which is located in Orlando, Florida was recently rated by our editors and received a GroundCar Score rating of 35. Scores range from 0 to 100. Companies with a high transparency score generally communicate important travel information on their website which may also include transfer rates going to and from Florida area airports and or other locations.

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Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc
3357 Flamborough Dr
Orlando, FL 32835

Company Information

SERVICE AREA: Orlando, Sanford


CONSUMER RATING 1.0 Recommended 50%
Value 1.0 Ease of Reservation 1.0
Timeliness 1.0 Vehicle Appearance 0.0
Driver Attitude 1.0Driver Attire 1.0

1 = Poor, 2 = Below Avg., 3 = Average, 4 = Above Avg., 5 = Great

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GroundSnapshot ™
Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc

Update Snapshot Co. Results State Results
GroundCar Score™ 35 24 Average
Registered Company Name Displayed 89% Displayed
Full Contact Info Not Displayed 43% Displayed
License Info Not Displayed 5% Displayed
Airport Transfer Rates Displayed 20% Displayed
Meter or Hourly Rates Not Displayed 9% Displayed
Cancellation Policy Displayed 5% Displayed
Fleet Pictures Not Displayed 54% Displayed

Company Name(s) displayed on

  • Quicksilver Tours & Transportation
Snapshot Footnotes:
  • The Registered Company Name is the name which is registered with the Florida Dept of State Division of Corporations, and or the Public Transportation Commission.
  • The Public Transportation Commission assigns a permit number to all authorized ground transportation companies who operate in the state of Florida and whom are under their direct supervision.
  • State Results are compiled from all Florida ground transportation companies who are listed on

Consumer Review for Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc

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  • Title: Do Not Use Quicksilver Tours & Transport

    Date of Service: 2/13/2013

    Type of Charter: One-Way

    Horrible experience. Requested a quote. Booked another service. Driver showed up and screamed profanity at me when I explained that there had been some confusion. They said I booked a reservation. Owner called me at all hours of the night on my cell phone demanding payment and threatening to send me to the collection agency. Read so many terrible reviews after the fact and I only wish that I had read the reviews first. Check out their reviews on mousesavers and you will run! Stay away.

    Comments posted on 3/20/2013 by reviewer: Not Displayed
    Overall Rating 1.0
    Recommended No
    Value 1
    Ease of Reservation1
    Vehicle AppearanceN/A
    Driver Attitude1
    Driver Attire1

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      Response from Gregory on 4/15/2013

      Review couldn't be further from the truth. Client did indeed reserve with us and therefore a driver was sent to the airport. Clients states they only asked for a quote when it is clear on our website that the form they filled up is not for quotes (in bold red letter on all three pages of the reservation form, under the "reservations" link). Client became defensive and yelled at us denying paying for the cancellation. We incurred in unnecessary expenses and were never compensated.

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Consumer Review for Quicksilver Tours and Transportation Inc

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  • Title: Stay Away - Check the Message Boards

    Date of Service: 10/8/2011

    Type of Charter: Orlando International Airport (MCO)

    Never got a chance to use them. Made resevation online and called and left a message. After some phone tag over the weekend (which they never left a message) , they started calling our house phone and cell phone at MIDNIGHT!. Started calling and hanging up every ten minutes until we picked up(2nd call but they hung up). The 3rd call I picked up and he stated he was trying to get a hold of us. I said this isn't when WE do business and we are cancelling. He over talks me saying " NO, He's cancelling the reservation"! Check message boards, ALOT of similar stories. We found them in a Universal Studios planning guide. I will be contacting them also

    Comments posted on 10/3/2011 by reviewer: Not Displayed
    Overall Rating 1.0
    Recommended Yes
    Value N/A
    Ease of Reservation1
    Vehicle AppearanceN/A
    Driver AttitudeN/A
    Driver AttireN/A

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      Response from Gregory Nicolas (owner of Quicksilver) on 4/15/2013

      Indeed we called repeatedly for 3 days straight without an answer on both phone #s provided. We had conflicting information about arrival flight (number, airline and time did not match). To send a driver these details are primordial. On the day before pick-up we continued calling and only finally got a hold of them at 12:00am (we realize it was late but...). Emails were also sent with no response. We did what we could to be able to pick them up. Sorry to have insisted on the phone calls but did what anyone would have done if they were worried about a client's pick-up next day. The impoliteness when we finally spoke on the phone made me decide to simply cancel the reservation and not pick them up. They were not charged.

      Response may be edited for length and clarity.

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