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Lees Limousine

The Minnesota airport ground transportation company called Lees Limousine which is located in Wyoming, Minnesota was recently rated by our editors and received a GroundCar Score rating of 50. Scores range from 0 to 100. Companies with a high transparency score generally communicate important travel information on their website which may also include transfer rates going to and from Minnesota area airports and or other locations.

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Lees Limousine
26237 Forest Blvd
Wyoming, MN 55092

Company Information

SERVICE AREA: Southern state


CONSUMER RATING 1.8 Recommended 0%
Value 1.5 Ease of Reservation 3.0
Timeliness 2.0 Vehicle Appearance 1.5
Driver Attitude 1.0Driver Attire 2.0

1 = Poor, 2 = Below Avg., 3 = Average, 4 = Above Avg., 5 = Great

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Refer to our state regulatory page for additional information about agencies which may regulate Lees Limousine.

GroundSnapshot ™
Lees Limousine

Update Snapshot Co. Results State Results
GroundCar Score™ 50 47 Average
Registered Company Name Displayed 100% Displayed
Full Contact Info Displayed 57% Displayed
License Info Displayed 44% Displayed
Airport Transfer Rates Not Displayed 22% Displayed
Meter or Hourly Rates Not Displayed 24% Displayed
Cancellation Policy Not Displayed 19% Displayed
Fleet Pictures Displayed 88% Displayed

Company Name(s) displayed on

  • Lee's Limousine
Snapshot Footnotes:
  • The Registered Company Name is the name which is registered with the Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations (OFCVO) within the Minnesota Department of Transportation and or the Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • The Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations (OFCVO) regulates all authorized ground transportation companies who operate within the state of Minnesota and whom are under their direct supervision.
  • State Results are compiled from all Minnesota ground transportation companies who are listed on

Consumer Review for Lees Limousine

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  • Title: Freezing Nightmare

    Date of Service: 12/23/2013

    Type of Charter: Special Occasion

    I just had one of the most miserable two hours of my life. I signed up for a rather expensive holiday lights tour in a limo. 1. It was not a limo. It was a rundown bus. 2. The current temperature is -1. This bus had NO heat, at all! 3. The driver scraped a 12X12 area of his window to see out of. He ran three stop signs because he was unable to properly operate the bus. 4. Then he told us this heating situation was "normal" in limos. If so, please pass on these limos in the state of Minnesota. I am super disappointed. Just say no!

    Comments posted on 12/23/2013 by reviewer: Kristie Kellis
    Overall Rating 1.8
    Recommended No
    Value 1
    Ease of Reservation3
    Vehicle Appearance1
    Driver Attitude1
    Driver Attire2

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Consumer Review for Lees Limousine

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  • Title: Asleep At The Wheel

    Date of Service: 3/9/2012

    Type of Charter: Hourly

    This company has reasonable rates and a decent fleet, but hire lousy drivers. Our driver went missing between dropping us off at 12am and 2am bar close. We ended up taking a cab home and getting our belongings later. Emails and phone calls to the company to complain went unanswered. How does that even happen? How does a driver and car just disappear? Very unprofessional!

    Comments posted on 3/10/2012 by reviewer: Not Displayed
    Overall Rating 1.8
    Recommended No
    Value 2
    Ease of Reservation3
    Vehicle Appearance2
    Driver Attitude1
    Driver Attire2

    Reviews may be edited for length and clarity

      Response from Matt D on 5/27/2012

      I was the driver that drove that group that night. I dropped the Bachlorette party off at there last location (Sneaky Petes I believe) I gave them a business card with my cell number on it and told them to be back at 1:30am and the car stayed parked exactly where i dropped them off. The ladies did call a number but they called the office number and not the cell phone number on the business card. With that being said why wouldn't they go back to the location they were dropped off at at the time I asked them to be back. Sorry but the group was drinking pretty good. I called the number on the sheet and it was the groom to be.

      Response may be edited for length and clarity.

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