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Sonic Limousine Service LLC

The Minnesota airport ground transportation company called Sonic Limousine Service LLC which is located in Savage, Minnesota was recently rated by our editors and received a GroundCar Score rating of 15. Scores range from 0 to 100. Companies with a high transparency score generally communicate important travel information on their website which may also include transfer rates going to and from Minnesota area airports and or other locations.

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Sonic Limousine Service LLC
13336 Nevada Ave
Savage, MN 55378

Company Information

SERVICE AREA: Southern state, Minneapolis and Saint Paul


CONSUMER RATING 1.7 Recommended 0%
Value 1.0 Ease of Reservation 1.0
Timeliness 1.0 Vehicle Appearance 3.0
Driver Attitude 1.0Driver Attire 3.0

1 = Poor, 2 = Below Avg., 3 = Average, 4 = Above Avg., 5 = Great

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Sonic Limousine Service LLC

Update Snapshot Co. Results State Results
GroundCar Score™ 15 47 Average
Registered Company Name Displayed 100% Displayed
Full Contact Info Not Displayed 57% Displayed
License Info Not Displayed 44% Displayed
Airport Transfer Rates Not Displayed 22% Displayed
Meter or Hourly Rates Not Displayed 24% Displayed
Cancellation Policy Not Displayed 19% Displayed
Fleet Pictures Displayed 88% Displayed

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  • Sonic Limousine
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  • The Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicle Operations (OFCVO) regulates all authorized ground transportation companies who operate within the state of Minnesota and whom are under their direct supervision.
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Consumer Review for Sonic Limousine Service LLC

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  • Title: Worst Service Ever

    Date of Service: 9/24/2011

    Type of Charter: Special Occasion

    -This company isn't even worth one star I only gave them one star because I had to. Below is an email that I sent to Sonic Limo that sums up the entire experience. PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING! My name is Dustin Berndt and on 9/24/2011 I had limo service through your company. Let me start out by saying that this was the biggest mistake I have ever made, I cant believe that you can run a successful business if you treat every customer like you have treated me. It all started a week before the original date of service when I called to confirm the reservation, I spoke with a lady that informed me that I my reservation was changed and I was never informed. The only reason that I booked with your company is because you had the Hummer stretch and a week before the reservation date I call to confirm the reservation and they tell me that I now have the limo bus because the hummer is "out of service", at this point I was very disappointed. I spoke several times with Drew and Nero who call themselves "Operations Managers" and they assured me that they were working to get the Hummer fixed and they hoped it would be ready for the day of my reservation. I feel that I was lied to the entire time, because when I called two days before my reservation acting as a normal customer to inquire about reserving the Hummer the lady that answered the phone told me that the Hummer had been sold, and the Hummer was not listed on your web site as part of your fleet. Now neither you or I can prove whether this is true but if you are going to lie to customers and try and get away with it you should probably make sure that every one is on the same page. The last time I spoke with Drew before the reservation date he assured me that someone would call me the day of the reservation to inform me of what vehicle was coming. On the day of the reservation I never received a call, I ended up calling to ask what would be coming, and I also called because the driver was late, another pair of lies from your "Operation Manager" Drew. When we finally got on the Limo the driver informed us that he was not given directions so he would need someone to tell him were to go, every time I called and talked to your company they confirmed the addresses of all the locations that we would be visiting, what was the point if the driver is not going to have them upon arrival? During one of my many conversations with Drew he told me that the company would give me a refund of $100 for the trouble I was put through, he said that they would send me a check. It is now February 22nd and after five months of, multiple conversations with "Operations Manager" Drew, many hours wasted listening to a lame recordings about how your Limos "Come with bottled water and ice" and "...all of our agents are currently busy", and leaving messages that never get returned. I still have not received the check that "Operations Manager" Drew says that your company has sent me twice. Does a check really get lost in the mail twice? I tend to think this is not the case but once again neither you or I can prove this. I think the reason for this Email is obvious but let me make sure that I clearly spell it out for you. I want at least the refund that your "Operations Managers" promised me and I feel that it should be doubled for all the time that I have wasted trying to get the refund. I would also like a call confirming that you got this email and that you will be sending the check. I hope that this issue can be quickly resolved, as I have already been waiting 5 months for the check.

    Comments posted on 2/22/2012 by reviewer: Dustin Berndt
    Overall Rating 1.7
    Recommended No
    Value 1
    Ease of Reservation1
    Vehicle Appearance3
    Driver Attitude1
    Driver Attire3

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