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Consumer Review for Limo Today Inc

  • Title: Great Service. Would Recommend To Anyone

    Date of Service: 11/4/2011

    Type of Charter: Special Occasion

    We had Limo Today for our wedding and they were fantastic! Our driver was Helene and she made sure everyone was happy and having a great time. She went above and beyond her job description on two occasions. First, none of the groomsmen had pins for their boutonnieres. When Helene arrived at the wedding ceremony, she came in and pinned everyone in perfect fashion in a matter of minutes. Second, someone on the Limo had left an expensive pair of sunglasses. About 30 minutes after Helene left, she came back just to drop off the glasses. Little details make a big difference and Limo Today definitely covered all the bases both inside and outside the Limo. Would recommend for sure.

    Comments posted on 9/15/2011 by reviewer: Luke Shoemaker
    Overall Rating 5.0
    Recommended Yes
    Value 5
    Ease of Reservation5
    Vehicle Appearance5
    Driver Attitude5
    Driver Attire5

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