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Deluxe Cab Co.

The Nevada airport ground transportation company called Deluxe Cab Co. which is located in Henderson, Nevada was recently rated by our editors and received a GroundCar Score rating of 20. Scores range from 0 to 100. Companies with a high transparency score generally communicate important travel information on their website which may also include transfer rates going to and from Nevada area airports and or other locations.

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Deluxe Cab Co.
257 Elliot Road Suite A
Henderson, NV 89015

Company Information



CONSUMER RATING 5.0 Recommended 100%
Value 5.0 Ease of Reservation 5.0
Timeliness 5.0 Vehicle Appearance 5.0
Driver Attitude 5.0Driver Attire 5.0

1 = Poor, 2 = Below Avg., 3 = Average, 4 = Above Avg., 5 = Great

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GroundSnapshot ™
Deluxe Cab Co.

Update Snapshot Co. Results State Results
GroundCar Score™ 20 45 Average
Registered Company Name Displayed 91% Displayed
Full Contact Info Not Displayed 63% Displayed
License Info Not Displayed 60% Displayed
Airport Transfer Rates Not Displayed 7% Displayed
Meter or Hourly Rates Not Displayed 26% Displayed
Cancellation Policy Not Displayed 19% Displayed
Fleet Pictures Displayed 77% Displayed

Company Name(s) displayed on

  • Deluxe Taxicab Service
  • Deluxe Taxi
Snapshot Footnotes:
  • The Registered Company Name is the name which is registered with the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA), formerly called the Transportation Services Authority (TSA), and or the Nevada Secretary of State.
  • The NTA issues a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to all authorized ground transportation companies who operate in the state of Nevada and whom are under their direct supervision.
  • State Results are compiled from all Nevada ground transportation companies who are listed on

Consumer Review for Deluxe Cab Co.

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  • Title: Returned Lost Cash

    Date of Service: 9/21/2010

    Type of Charter:

    My wife left a small change purse in the cab. Inside was a slot card and about $100.00. The cabbie, Justin, returned the cash to Dispatch, notified the casino (who called our home number with contact numbers), and then personally delivered the money back to us at another casino when we called back. Very honest young man, who deserved the tip we gave him! A wonderful experience!

    Comments posted on 10/4/2010 by reviewer: Greg Kolly
    Overall Rating 5.0
    Recommended Yes
    Value 5
    Ease of Reservation5
    Vehicle Appearance5
    Driver Attitude5
    Driver Attire5

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