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Executive Las Vegas

The Nevada airport ground transportation company called Executive Las Vegas which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada was recently rated by our editors and received a GroundCar Score rating of 35. Scores range from 0 to 100. Companies with a high transparency score generally communicate important travel information on their website which may also include transfer rates going to and from Nevada area airports and or other locations.

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Executive Las Vegas
3950 West Tompkins Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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CONSUMER RATING 2.6 Recommended 0%
Value 3.0 Ease of Reservation 5.0
Timeliness 1.0 Vehicle Appearance 3.0
Driver Attitude 1.0Driver Attire 0.0

1 = Poor, 2 = Below Avg., 3 = Average, 4 = Above Avg., 5 = Great

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Executive Las Vegas

Update Snapshot Co. Results State Results
GroundCar Score™ 35 45 Average
Registered Company Name Displayed 91% Displayed
Full Contact Info Displayed 63% Displayed
License Info Displayed 60% Displayed
Airport Transfer Rates Not Displayed 7% Displayed
Meter or Hourly Rates Not Displayed 26% Displayed
Cancellation Policy Not Displayed 19% Displayed
Fleet Pictures Not Displayed 77% Displayed
Snapshot Footnotes:
  • The Registered Company Name is the name which is registered with the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA), formerly called the Transportation Services Authority (TSA), and or the Nevada Secretary of State.
  • The NTA issues a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) to all authorized ground transportation companies who operate in the state of Nevada and whom are under their direct supervision.
  • State Results are compiled from all Nevada ground transportation companies who are listed on

Consumer Review for Executive Las Vegas

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  • Title: A Time Share Sales Pitch

    Date of Service: 8/15/2011

    Type of Charter: McCarran International Airport (LAS)

    I just returned from Las Vegas, and want to tell everyone and anyone flying into that city to avoid Executive Las Vegas shuttles to/from the Las Vegas strip. Here's my story: As is my tradition, upon arriving at the airport, I went to the first strip shuttle service I saw. They all generally charge the same price, provide the same level of service, and all go to the same hotels. This time it was Executive Las Vegas. I paid my fare at the booth, and crossed the street to the waiting shuttle. So far, so good. After a few minutes, a well-dressed man in his 50's came aboard and apologized, saying there was a new law requiring them to wait at least 15 minutes after the first passenger is seated, or until the bus was full before parting. This seemed unusual, but tolerable; after all when I sat down the people on board ahead of me had already been there a few minutes. Well, that 15-minute figure stretched to almost 30 minutes, as this same person repeatedly came on board, told a few jokes, and explained the same rule several more times. He apologized each time, even going so far as to turn on the bus's air conditioning when someone requested it. As far as we knew, he was a caring Executive employee. After more than 35 minutes sitting at the airport, we still had three open seats, but it was finally time to get underway. As the bus pulled out, the same man stood in front of the sign stating that Federal Motor carrier Administration Code 393.90 prohibited the bus to be in motion with passengers standing, and after a few lame "Welcome to Las Vegas" tips, BEGAN A SALES PITCH FOR A TIME SHARE!!! Look, I understand, these people have it hard in today's economy. That's understandable. But when I have to PAY for the privilege of being a member of a captive audience listening to one of these sales pitches, it REALLY PISSES ME OFF! Once I realized what was going on, I tried my best to ignore the guy, while trying to figure out if I wanted to let the incident to ruin my vacation or at least my day. The sales pitch was not going well. When it was apparent that this was going to be a "No Sale" he quickly announced he was going to be getting off at our first stop (MGM Grand). As we pulled up I asked if there was going to be a similar sales pitch on the return trip. He said "Possibly" and asked if I was offended. I told him I was, and he said I could always take a cab back to the airport! Just as he jumped off the bus, he turned to me and said "Have a good time in Vegas - Although I doubt you can!" Talk about adding insult to injury! When I called executive to complain, the person claimed no knowledge of the sales pitch. This, despite the fact that the salesman had his sales material stored on the bus, repeatedly walked on and off, and the driver could not possibly ignore what was going right behind him. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to draw the line somewhere. I suggest we hit these people where it hurts the most. DO NOT use their service.

    Comments posted on 8/20/2011 by reviewer: Not Displayed
    Overall Rating 2.6
    Recommended No
    Value 3
    Ease of Reservation5
    Vehicle Appearance3
    Driver Attitude1
    Driver AttireN/A

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