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GroundCar Score™ is a numerical rating which represents the level of transparency of a company. Higher scores generally indicate greater openness, communication and accountability.

Company Name - Service Area Service Type Review Total Consumer Rating Ground Car Score™
City 2 City Shuttle Inc - 2, 6, 7 S 1 4.5  80 
Portland Taxi Cab Co - 1, 6 T 1 2.8  70 
Green Transportation Co LLC - 1, 6 T 1 1.5  50 
Lake Oswego Airporter LLC - 1, 6 S 3 2.2  40 
Link Town Car Services - 1, 6 L 1 2.5  35 
Caravan Airport Transportation - 2, 6 S 1 1.8  20 
Isis Town Car Corp - 1, 6 L 1 2.8  20 
Oregon Coast Limousine - 2 L 1 5.0  20 
Radio Cab Co - 1, 6 T 1 1.0  20 
OC&W Coachways - 2, 7 B 3 4.3  0 

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