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About DFW Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
1530 W 18th St, Dallas, TX, 75261

DFW is operated and managed by the Airport Board. The DFW Airport Board is a semi-autonomous body charged with governing DFW International Airport. It may enter into contracts without approval of the city councils but its annual budget, bond sales and the like require city council approval. For additional information, refer to the DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport official website.
  • DFW airport is located between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth and is the busiest airport in the state of Texas.
Airport Transfers To-From DFW Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Main Texas Airports

Airport Name To-From Distance Travel Time
DFW Dallas-Fort Worth
International Airport
DFW-DFW 0 miles 0 Hour(s), 0 Min.
IAH George Bush
Houston Airport
DFW-IAH 254 miles 3 Hour(s), 58 Min.
HOU William P. Hobby
Houston Airport
DFW-HOU 273 miles 4 Hour(s), 17 Min.
AUS Austin-Bergstrom
International Airport
DFW-AUS 218 miles 3 Hour(s), 32 Min.
SAT San Antonio
International Airport
DFW-SAT 287 miles 4 Hour(s), 32 Min.
DAL Dallas Love Field
DFW-DAL 21 miles 0 Hour(s), 26 Min.
ELP El Paso
International Airport
DFW-ELP 625 miles 8 Hour(s), 56 Min.
LBB Lubbock Preston Smith
International Airport
DFW-LBB 312 miles 5 Hour(s), 23 Min.
MAF Midland International
DFW-MAF 338 miles 5 Hour(s), 9 Min.
AMA Rick Husband
Amarillo Intl Airport
DFW-AMA 340 miles 5 Hour(s), 41 Min.
HRL Valley International
DFW-HRL 539 miles 8 Hour(s), 25 Min.
CRP Corpus Christi
International Airport
DFW-CRP 428 miles 6 Hour(s), 34 Min.
MFE McAllen Miller
International Airport
DFW-MFE 571 miles 8 Hour(s), 57 Min.
GRK Killeen-Fort Hood-
Regional Airport
DFW-GRK 177 miles 2 Hour(s), 55 Min.
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