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About RIC Richmond Airport

RIC Richmond International Airport
1 Richard E. Byrd Terminal #200, Richmond, VA, 23250

RIC airport is the busiest airport in central virginia. For additional information, refer to the RIC Richmond International Airport official website.
  • RIC airport is located 5 miles east of Richmond.
Airport Transfers To-From RIC Richmond International Airport to Main Virginia Airports

Airport Name To-From Distance Travel Time
IAD Washington Dulles
International Airport
RIC-IAD 121 miles 2 Hour(s), 15 Min.
DCA Ronald Reagan Washington
National Airport
RIC-DCA 113 miles 2 Hour(s), 0 Min.
ORF Norfolk
International Airport
RIC-ORF 86 miles 1 Hour(s), 35 Min.
RIC Richmond
International Airport
RIC-RIC 0 miles 0 Hour(s), 0 Min.
PHF Newport News
Williamsburg Airport
RIC-PHF 62 miles 1 Hour(s), 5 Min.
ROA Roanoke
Regional Airport
RIC-ROA 194 miles 3 Hour(s), 14 Min.
CHO Charlottesville
Albemarle Airport
RIC-CHO 87 miles 1 Hour(s), 37 Min.
LYH Lynchburg
Regional Airport
RIC-LYH 121 miles 2 Hour(s), 18 Min.
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